uCompare V2 is a beautiful flat theme designed with a variety of features. uCompare is now built on Bootstrap responsive framework so it’s mobile and tablet ready. All optional features which can be turned off. See more features below.

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uCompare is a stand alone template for Price Tapestry offering a variety of features to kick-start your niche comparison website right away.

Grid style search result pages with additional sort select menus for product filtering as well as price slider.

Price alerts allow visitors to subscribe to price drop alerts so that when the price of the product drops to a specified amount they will get an email notification which is linked straight to the merchant with the affiliate link.

uCompare also retains the original format of seperate product and review pages, all products and reviews have schema mark up which is recognized by search engines so they can pull the data into their search results, price, review / rating etc.

Third party integration – Ebay & Amazon API search results flow seamlessly on single product pages. Maximize profits with Ebay’s 30 day cookie. Ebay and Amazon results display below the product detail offering more choice / comparisons for your visitors. (currently being updated)

The built in CSS editor gives you complete control over the colour scheme straight from the admin panel. Take a closer look at the features below. Check out the live demo.

  • Responsive layout – Looks awesome on any mobile or tablet device.
  • Multuiple Layouts – Boxed, Wide layouts.
  • CSS Editor – Edit more than 30+ elements via a custom theme editor panel in the administration area.
  • Custom CSS – Upload your custom stylesheet to override default styles.
  • Drop Down Menu – Retailer, Brand & Category drop down menus – easily add more menu’s / links.
  • jQuery Sliders – Add your custom graphics & marketing banners to the homepage slider.
  • Animated Product Count – A cool little feature which displays product and merchant counts.
  • Featured Brands – Showcase featured brands logos on the home page.
  • Merchant Logos – Display merchant logos on the home page.
  • Multi Browser Support – Tested on all browsers.
  • Adsense / Custom Text or HTML blocks – Add your
    affiliate banners or custom content to the header, homepage, product
    & review pages – integrated according to Google Adsense guidelines.
  • Social links – Link to your social media accounts
  • Custom Footer links & Text – Add footer links to custom pages and add custom HTML or text using the template options file.
  • Social Media – Link to social media pages
  • Contact Page – Includes Ajax contact form
  • Price Alerts – Users can subscribe to price alert changes for individual products.
  • [NEW] Ajax Loading – Menus can be set to load via ajax – ideal for large DBs.
  • [NEW] Shopping List – Now supports Price Tapestry shopping list feature.

All features are fully customisable and can be turned on and off.

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Browser Compatibility

IE6+, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome



Price Tapestry Compatibility

13/03A, 14/06A, 15/06A, 18/06A


Multi / Developer


V2.1 – 05/06/2020

  • [NEW] – Added shopping list support
  • [NEW] – General update to enhance the visual aspect of the template.
  • [NEW] – Full size slideshow.
  • [NEW] – Ajax menu loading.
  • [UPDATE] – Slideshow updated.
  • [UPDATE] – Updated price slider to increment by 5 on each slide.
  • [UPDATE] – JS files deferred to improve page load speeds.

V2.0.9 – 05/12/2019

  • [FIX] – Price Alerts

V2.0.8 – 16/11/2015

  • [FIX] – Amazon API products
  • [FIX] – Price alert https fix

V2.0.7 – 06/11/2015

  • [FIX] Price Alert multiple merchants bug
  • [FIX] Bug fixes
  • [UPDATE] Image caching to latest script now with optional resizing (provided by David @ Price Tapestry (http://www.pricetapestry.com/node/5792)
  • [UPDATE] Mailchimp Newsletter now very lightweight using ajax
  • [NEW] Option to hide the top bar

V2.0.6 – 19/07/2015

  • [FIX] Price Alert cron script bug (scripts/price_alerts.php)
  • [FIX] Hierarchy menu – now use $template_hierarchyMenuAjax for Ajax menu (15/09a only)
  • [NEW] Image caching now optional ($template_enableImageCache)

V2.0.5 – 18/07/2015

  • [FIX] Slider #3 issue
  • [FIX] Breadcrumb issue
  • [FIX] Various bugs
  • [FIX] Top bar is now ‘un-fixed’ in mobile / tablet to tackle issue of menu expanding further than screen height on some devices.
  • [NEW] Drop down menu live search
  • [NEW] Asynchronous Amazon & eBay API
  • [NEW] Category hierarchy ajax support
  • [NEW] Sidebar category hierarchy menu option
  • [NEW] Sidebar accordion panels in tablet / mobile

V2.0.4 – 01/07/2015

  • [FIX] – Category hierarchy support search filters
  • [FIX] – Various bugs
  • [FIX] – Merchant slider bug
  • [NEW] – Template options
    • $pt_version = “1501a”;
    • $template_enableSidebar = true;
    • $template_sidebarHTML = “Some sidebar text”;
  • [NEW] – Optional Sidebar
  • [NEW] – Image Caching
  • [NEW] – Sticky Wishlist button
  • [UPDATE] – New Twitter meta card tags

Files affected:

  • html/header.php
  • html/u_searchfilters.php
  • html/footer.php
  • html/banner.php
  • html/product.php
  • html/searchresults.php
  • html/template.config.php
  • html/ebay.php
  • html/amazon.php
  • css/styles.php
  • scripts/price_alerts.php

V2.0.2 – 07/04/2015

  • [FIX] – Missing price box on handhelds (html/product.php, css/styles.css)

V2.0.1 – 20/03/2015

  • [NEW] – Price alert feature
  • [NEW] – Mailchimp integration with opt-in pop up
  • [NEW] – Autocomplete search
  • [NEW] – A to Z / list menu option with scroll for list menu
  • [NEW] – Category hierarchy support
  • [NEW] – Wishlist feature
  • [NEW] – Custom content support for products, categories, brands, merchants
  • [FIX] – Merchant slider
  • [FIX] – Bug fixes
  • [FIX] – Active state for nav links
  • [FIX] – Imporved mobile and tablet display