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With the popularity of social media everyone has an opinion, this app allows shoppers to express their opinion anonymously providing an on page CTA and also self-promoting popular products with just one click or a tap.

Easy installation, detailed documentation and full support.



The likes app enables you to add like / dislike functionality promoting products in the same way as social media only with product popularity to enhance conversion rates from your price comparison website.

Users can like or dislike a product with just one click or a tap.

Likes / dislikes are stored in a seperate database table which are posted using Ajax to work seamlessly without extra page loads.

The user can submit only once per like/ dislike by capturing the browser session to avoid abuse.

You can either set the app to use images or a heart icon or use your own with a bit of modification.

Installs over the top of the latest Price Tapestry Foundation template or can be integrated to an existing website.


  • Responsive / Mobile friendly
  • Ajax / jQuery
  • Multiple image style options or add your own
  • Easy placement with custom CSS
  • Icon option for ‘likes’ / ‘love’ only
  • Provides a social inspired method of enhancing the promotion of popular products
  • Maintenance script removes products no longer available
  • Easy installation / integration
  • Detailed instruction guide
  • Full support
  • Compatible with all Price Tapestry versions
  • Requires PHP5.3 >

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14/06a, 16/10A, 18/06A



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